Data save/restoration

In 3DLogo, you can save your objects data and your setting data (like camera location, light source type etc.) to the server side storage at any time. Once you save your objects and setting data, you can restore the saved data to your browser at anytime also.
There are 2 types of locations you can save your data. One is a private location which can be seen only from your browser and the other is a public "gallery" location which can be seen from any 3DLogo users.
In the private location, only your browser can save/overwrite/modify the saved data. In the gallery, you can save/overwrite/modify the data you saved, but you cannot modify the data which is save d by another person. You can only see and restore data from the gallery. In order to save your data, you must give a unique name for the data, and optionally you can add a comment which explains your data. You can save/restore/delete your data using the following:

Gallery/Private selection box

Around the upper-right corner of the data save/restoration area, there is a selection box which can show the data list of the either private location or gallery location.

When you select gallery or private, it shows the list of the images which width is 100 pixel. If you click one of the images, the clicked image is selected, and the 3Dlogo shows the name of the data and the comment of the data if the image has it.

Save Button

If you hit this button, the data currently shown on your browser is saved to the location you selected. The name of the data should be specified, and the comment of the data can be specified.
The name should be unique in the location you save.

Overwrite button

It saves the data in your browser same as above, however the specified name of the data should exist in the location you selected. The data you specified is overwritten.

Restore button

It restores the specified data back into your browser. When the data is restored, the existing objects/setting data is cleaed before the restoration, so you need to save your exisiting data before restoration if you want to use it later.

Delete button

The Delete button deletes the specified data in the selected location. You can not delete the gallery data which is not saved by yourself.