3D Logo V090

This page generates 3 dimensional image from the text you entered. The details are described in the memo file. If you want to use the above image as a template, please click the above image, and then select and edit the "text1" labeled object from the selection box at the left side of this page. You will see your own 3D text image after you push the "generate" button.

If you would like to use other templates, select "gallery" from the selection box in the "Data save/restoration" area at the bottom of this page, then click your favorite image and push "restore" button. You will be able to edit the image you selected.
There are a lot of parameters you can specify, but you only need to specify the string to be 3 dimensionalized. Just try it. The other parameters can be specified when it is needed. The generated images are in the image directory
You can see the old version here

(Hit this button to get your own 3D image)

A text for 3D image:
(If your text overflows ...)

Initial image

fonts:(Japanese font is used only for Japanese text)(examples)
english: Japanese:
Output options:
Quality: :Smaller number is faster, lower quality.
Anti-Aliasing: Removes jaggies but it takes time
Interlace: Generates interlaced PNG/GIF
Transparent: Generates tranparent PNG/GIF

Output format: PNG JPEG GIF
Camera location: upper front lower
location X: Y: Z:

Size of the image(Notes for the size of the image):
200x75 320x120 400x150
Specified size: width: height:
Data save/restoration:Click an image then push "Restore" button and push "Generate" button to show it in original size.

Object Transform
X: Y: Z:
X: Y: Z:
X: Y: Z:

Texture Transform:
X: Y: Z:
X: Y: Z:
X: Y: Z:

Light source location: Shadow
X: Y: Z:
X: Y: Z:
Light source type:
Light source color:
R: G: B:
Intensity of the light source:

Light source 2: use Shadow
X: Y: Z:
Point-at 2:
X: Y: Z:
Light source 2 type:
Light source 2 color:
R: G: B:
Intensity of the light sorce 2:

Light source 3: use Shadow
X: Y: Z:
Point-at 3:
X: Y: Z:
Light source 3 type3:
Light source 3 color:
R: B: G:
Intensity of the light sorce 3:

About 3D logo objects
Name: Type:
Texture: Shadow: Reflect: Image:
[Plane]:Dist.: Normal:
[Sphere] :r:
[SuperEllipsoid] e: n:
[Box] X: Y: Z:
[Cylinder] h: r: open:

[CSG elements addtion/removal]

Use Background color
R: G: B:

Texture:sample Finish:

Note:If you select the Finish other than "none", the texture you selected is not effective anymore, and the Finish you specified with the selected color is used for your 3D image.